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Hi everyone and welcome to! Allow me to introduce myself…My name is Grace Celine. I am currently a college student working on balancing my creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial side with my many school projects and necessary studies. I’ve always been a creative and imaginative girl with ideas, and energy, constantly bouncing off the walls. But, until now, I haven’t been able to figure out how/where to concentrate my ideas (eg. a specific platform or a specific topic). That’s why I have started! I wish to concentrate my creative mind on becoming a content creator, influencer, and blogger. As an aspiring entrepreneur, I wish to start my own platform where I can work with brands, inspire all of you, and grow as a person!

I am a spunky, hard-working, determined, go-getter and I hope to share with you my many life adventures and passions through my blog and Instagram. In today’s world we are gifted with the ability to reach such a wide number and range of people, and I hope to do just that! So, come along and enjoy the journey with me! I cannot wait to share my life with all of you!


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